Asianet Mobile TV
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1. General product related questions

What is Asianet Mobile TV?

Asianet Mobile TV is a service which allows you to watch Live TV content on Apple and Android devices. It will be shortly available in all platforms.

From this, it can be accessed through the Asianet MobileTV app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store, Google Play store.

What are the devices Asianet Mobile TV will be available on?

Asianet Mobile TV is available on your Apple, select Android devices.

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 plus with iOS version 5.1 & above
  • Most of the Android devices with OS version 4.1.1 and above but recommended 4.4.2 and above.
  • We are in the process of creating a list of devices on which our app will work.

Where can I find and Download Asianet Mobile TV app?

You can find Asianet Mobile TVapp from Apple App Store, Google Play store and download it for free.

Which all countries are Asianet Mobile TV Services available?

Currently Asianet Mobile TV service are available in India and Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait etc.

Shortly we will launch this service globally.

Will Asianet Mobile TV app supports features like Parental control etc?

Yes, Asianet Mobile TV service will support parental control. It would also allow you to block channels.

I am unable to access Asianet Mobile TV services?

Please ensure the action points below to enjoy uninterrupted access to Asianet Mobile TV

  • You have a device that supports Asianet Mobile TV.(link to list of products)
  • Your device is registered with Asianet MobileTV portal and activated for your device(provide link)
  • The username / password details you are using are correct. In case you have changed your password, you will be asked to re-enter it when you open the Asianet Mobile TV App.
  • You are connected to the internet and have a good bandwidth 1Mbps is recommended for good quality of video stream.
  • Please bear in mind that if you are not connected to the internet, you will not be able to see live TV channels.
  • If you are out of the country where you have registered the service, you may be unable to watch Live TV channels and streaming services.
  • You can only access Live TV channels that are part of your subscription package.
How much time does it take to start TV channel playing?

Depending on the internet connection speed or bandwidth available it takes a few seconds to start.

Why should I activate Asianet Mobile TV? Other apps are already offering this service free of cost?

Many broadcasters are offering live streaming services of their in-house channels, some for free and some paid. Since those are broadcaster led, they offer only one or two channels per application. None of these apps are comprehensive enough to offer you multiple channels through a single application. Think about how many applications you will need to download to get all your favourite channels that you want to view .You may also note that they are offered on best effort basis where quality and service is not guaranteed.

Asianet Mobile TV offers you multiple choices of popular channels in just one application, anytime, anywhere and that too across multiple devices.

Asianet Mobile TV offers Malayalam TV channels only?

Asianet Mobile TV may offer other language channels as well but our main focus at present are Malayalam based TV channels.

How can I get support when I have problem?

Please go through the relevant portion in customer support in the FAQ available on this page. In case, your question is not answered you may either contact the Asianet Mobile TV support team via webmail or drop us an email You may also contact our support team using the Online Chat or call your region specific Helpline number.

2. Registration & Activation

How do I register for the Asianet Mobile TV service?

To access Asianet Mobile TV from your Android or Apple devices, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Download free Asianet MobileTV app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or our website.
  • Visit our web portal or download Asianet Mobile TV Plus Mobile App from Play Store or App store to register yourself for Asianet Mobile TV.
  • Provide basic information about yourself for registering online.
  • During the registration processes an OTP (One Time Password) SMS will be sent to your mobile number to confirm.
  • For making basic subscription payment you will redirected to payment gateway.
  • After successful registration Username and Password will be sent via SMS or Email.
  • You can alternatively call our helpline to activate Asianet Mobile TV on your mobile device
Can I change user name which was registered, any time later?

No, Username once given during the registration process cannot be changed. You will have to cancel and re-register for a new subscriber ID and username.

What is the registration fee?

Registration fee is onetime fee collected initially to avail the service. You need to pay respective package subscription fee to watch certain live TV channels.

I’m already an Asianet Cable/Digital TV subscriber can I watch Asianet Mobile TV services free of cost?

No, you need to pay for Asianet Mobile TV services as this is a separate service. However in future, we may introduce combo plans for various services offered by Asianet Cable/Digital TV, Broadband Internet, etc.

How many devices can I register?

You can register as many devices you want with Asianet Mobile TV free of charge. However you can only activate Asianet Mobile TV on a maximum of first two devices per registered subscriber.

Why can I use Asianet Mobile TV service only on two devices per subscriber ID?

Content providers agreement with Asianet stipulates that Asianet Mobile TV channels can be allowed on a maximum of two devices per subscriber ID.

Is there a charge for the Asianet Mobile TV service?

Yes, there is a charge for Asianet Mobile TV services based on the package you subscribed for.

I have to pay anything for downloading the Asianet Mobile TV app?

No. The app is available for free on Apple App Store, Google Play store.

Is there any onetime registration fee?

Yes. you have to pay onetime registration fee as well as recurring subscription charges based on the package you have subscribed for.


I need to be an Asianet Cable or Digital TV subscriber to access the Asianet Mobile TV service?

No, to activate Asianet Mobile TV you need not be a Asianet Cable or Digital TV subscriber. Anyone, Anyware, Anytime with Android or apple based device can enjoy the service.

My Asianet Cable or Digital TV account is currently in de-activated, can I still use Asianet Mobile TV?

Yes, you can use Asianet Mobile TV services all you have to do is register and subscribe for Asianet Mobile TV services by paying for the desired package to enjoy live TV and Radio channels.

I have the Asianet Mobile TV app on my Android phone. Why am I unable to see Asianet Mobile TV icon?

Currently Asianet Mobile TV feature is available only on Android and Apple devices

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 plus with iOS version 5.1 & above
  • iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, mini, Air, Air 2 and mini with retina display with iOS version 5.1 & Above
  • Most Android devices with OS version 4.1.1 and above but recommended 4.4.2 and above.
I have an Android phone, but I am not able to find or download the app?

The Asianet Mobile TV app is available only on supported Android devices as listed above and currently this app is available for India and Middle East. (Link- requirement) However operations will be started in other regions soon.

Is this service also available on Apple Mac or Windows PC or Phone & Nokia Symbian or Blackberry Phones?

No. Currently the service is only for select supported devices mentioned above. However it will be available on multiple platforms later.

When will Asianet Mobile TV be available on other non-supported Android devices?

We are working towards getting Asianet Mobile TV supported on more Android devices and we will be updating you as and when this is available.

Is the Asianet Mobile TV app supported on Apple iOS 8?

Yes, Asianet Mobile TV app supports Apple iOS 8

3. Internet related

Do I need internet on my device to access Asianet Mobile TV?

Yes. As this is a internet based live TV service you need to be connected to the internet to watch live TV.

Do I need a good internet connection to enjoy Asianet Mobile TV services?

Yes you need 1MBPS or higher to enjoy a better quality of video while viewing Live TV service.

What type of internet connections can be used to access Asianet Mobile TV service?

The service works on all Internet connections i.e. 4G/3G mobile connections or on broadband/ Wi-Fi internet connections with a recommended bandwidth of 1Mbps speed and above.

Can I run the app on my Windows/MAC laptop/PC?

Currently we don’t have a supporting app for Windows/MAC laptop/PC however we are working on it.

I am on 3G connectivity; however the quality of the video is still poor?

Speeds on mobile internet fluctuate depending on the signal strength provided by the carrier, due to which the quality of the video may also suffer.

Why is the video quality different when I am viewing on my Wi-Fi internet connection at home and on my mobile internet connection?

The video quality depends on the speed of your internet connection. You will have a better video quality on a faster internet connection as compared to a slower internet connection.

Sometimes live TV channel video freezes or stops playing?

This may occur due to several reasons.

  • Your Internet connection may not be stable.
  • Bandwidth from your service provider may be fluctuating.
  • If you are using your mobile 3G/4G , its signal or coverage may be causing trouble.
  • Your devices may be performing a multitasking or background functions as a result CPU or memory resource may be low.
  • You may have been opened too many applications which might be utilising the mobile resource, so close unused applications.
What are the data charges that I would be charged with while accessing Asianet Mobile TV?

The data charges depend on the internet package/plan selected by you with your internet/mobile service provider. Kindly check with your internet /mobile service provider for the applicable data charges for your chosen scheme.

What is the data consumption for watching Live TV for an hour?

Below mentioned is approximate data consumption for watching Live TV

Video Quality

Bandwidth / Bitrate Kbps

Data consumption in MB (Megabyte)

1 min


















Can I select different qualities of the video stream?

No, Your Mobile devices adapt the best video quality automatically to changing network conditions by using a latest technology called "Adaptive Streaming".

Video quality decrease or increase from time to time while watching live TV channels why?

As of now there are 3 video bitrate or video quality profiles streamed based on ‘Adaptive Streaming’ technology for every live TV channel. Video quality automatically changes based on network conditions.

What will happen when I switch between 3G and Wi-Fi while viewing Live TV?

The viewing should be uninterrupted based on your mobile device capability. Most mobile devices have capability of giving priority to Wi-Fi connectivity even if you have an internet 3G/4G connection. The app player will switch to higher or lower streaming profile as per the availability of bandwidth on the Wi-Fi.

What will happen if my internet connection/router stops suddenly while viewing Live TV?

The streaming will stop and app will show error message “Connection Failed, Check your network availability”.

What is the recommended internet speed for good streaming experience?

The recommended internet speed for a good streaming experience is 1Mbps and above.

4. Internet Radio Channels

Some of the Radio channels sometimes don’t play?

Internet Radio channel services are based on best effort basis as these channels are redirected to Internet and they are not rebroadcasted by Asianet. Quality of service can vary depending up on the broadcast quality of internet radio.

5. Suspending Asianet Mobile TV service

How can I suspend or stop Asianet Mobile TV service?
I lost my phone OR My phone is not working now, how do I resume the service? OR I have sold my phone, how do I resume the Asianet Mobile TV service in my new phone?

To suspend/resume Asianet Mobile TV please call Asianet Mobile TV Helpline.

How do I cancel / de-register my mobile device from account?

To cancel a registered mobile device you need to call Asianet Mobile TV helpline.

Can I transfer the Asianet Mobile TV service from one device to another device?

Yes. You can transfer the service to another device. You need to call Asianet Mobile TV Helpline to transfer the current account and activate on the desired device.

6. Live TV

I am not able to view certain channels on Live TV on Asianet Mobile TV?

As of now there are limited channels. You can only view those channels on Asianet Mobile TV that you may have subscribed for.

Why are all the channels not available on Asianet Mobile TV?

We are constantly adding additional channels on Asianet Mobile TV.

Is there pause functionality available while watching Live TV?

Yes. You can pause the Live TV streaming for only a maximum of 5 minutes on the Asianet Mobile TV service.

To do this,

  • Tap on the video while in full screen mode.
  • You will see a pause button on the information bar.
  • Tap on the pause button to pause Live TV for a maximum of 5 minutes.
What will happen if I do not resume after 5 minutes post pausing Live TV on the device?

After 5 minutes of pausing, the stream will start from current point showing. You will not be able to view the content elapsed during the 5 minute pause.

Can I rewind shows on Live TV?

No, you cannot rewind shows on Live TV. There is only a functionality of pausing live stream for a maximum of 5 minutes.

I was watching Live TV and it stopped streaming, can I resume from the same point if I re-start the app?

No, Live TV videos will always resume from the current point showing. You will not be able to resume from last viewed point.

Can I change channels while viewing Live TV in full screen mode?

No. You need to return back to TV menu and select the desired channel to watch.

As a registered Indian user with a package restricted for Indian viewing only, Can I watch Live TV outside India?

No .

Although I have paid and subscribed for Asianet Mobile TV services in India, Why can’t I watch live TV channels outside India?

You will be normally restricted; Packages are also available for global usage.

Can I record Live TV shows using Asianet Mobile TV on my device?

No, You cannot record TV channel on your device, you can only pause shows on Asianet Mobile TV service for a maximum of 5 minutes.

I can’t see program guide?

There could be several reasons for this.

  • Check your mobile phone date and time.
  • Ensure you have selected appropriate time zone based on the country you live.
  • Sometimes Program guide take some time to load.
  • Some of the channels may not have program guide information.
  • Try Log off and re-login with your username password.
  • Still have problem call Asianet Mobile TV helpline.